• WoAD requires Android 4.1 Jelly Bean (API 16) or above.

  • WoAD is considered to be in a beta stage of development. As such, future upgrades of WoAD may result in the loss of all user messages, data, and settings.

  • The use of WoAD requires a valid amateur radio license. Do not use, install, or download WoAD unless you have a valid amateur radio license, or a license from a participating government service or agency. Ship station, marine or general radiotelephone licenses do not qualify.

Should you encounter a problem or roadblock while running WoAD there are several resources available to you:

  • the documentation: always a good place to start and always expanding.

  • the support group: a community of WoAD users who may be able to provide assistance.

  • bug report page: for when the problem is with WoAD itself. Please take the time to submit a bug report (even if it is just a typo) as everyone will benefit.

  • feature request: for when WoAD is missing an opportunity to be more useful or less irritating.