Privacy Policy


WoAD acts as a client of the Winlink Global Radio Email system (, "a network of amateur radio and authorized government-licensed stations that provides worldwide radio email using radio pathways."

It should be assumed that any messages sent via radio will be readily accessible by the general public, as encryption is not legal on amateur radio frequencies.


WoAD requests the following permissions when necessary to provide the functionality requested by the user:


    • Allows an app to access approximate and precise location, respectively. A position is determined only at the explicit request of the user and allows WoAD to include the user's position in position reports and some form-based messages.


    • Allows an application to record audio and modify global audio setting, respectively. This allows WoAD to send and receive messages using an audio connection to an amateur radio. When running an audio-based (e.g. AFSK) session audio will be recorded and the volume of the audio output may be set if requested by the user. Audio data is processed immediately on reception and is neither stored locally nor forwarded.


    • Allows an application to write to and read from external storage, respectively. This allows WoAD to export information, such as messages, ICS 309 summaries, etc. at the user's request.


    • Allows applications to open network sockets. This allows WoAD to send and receive messages using either a Telent Winlink or Telnet P2P session.


    • Allows applications to discover and pair bluetooth devices and to connect to paired bluetooth devices, respectively. This allows WoAD to send and receive messages using a connection to a bluetooth-enabled amateur radio, bluetooth to serial adapter, bluetooth modem, etc.